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Jewelry made from the old Maine State House copper dome, are available at our store in Bangor and our ONLINE STORE.

The Maine State House copper
dome becomes
wearable art

After over 100 years The Maine State House copper dome needed to be replaced. It was installed in 1909-1910 and replaced by new copper in 2014. But the old copper will live on.
It is now being made into jewelry and accessories by the owners at Maine Jewelry & Art in Bangor. We were the first artists to receive the copper.

Over the years the copper developed a beautiful sage green patina, and the artists are taking care to preserve the patina as they make the jewelry pieces.

The Maine State House Copper Dome Collection are available both at the store Downtown Bangor, and our ONLINE STORE.

By creating pieces of adornment and accessories, the gallery hopes to be able to offer people a little piece of home, and history will live on.

Roxanne Munksgaard picked up the copper in Augusta after it became available in the fall of 2016.
Photo: Roger Leisner

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