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One of Ernie Abdelnour's unique metal sculptures.

A steam punk sculpture
made by Bob Harris.

Painting by Heather Roselle Barter.

Some of Ernie Abdelnour's metal sculptures displayed in the Gallery.

This pendant is the result of teamwork between Anne Reigstad and Amanda Coburn.

Amanda Coburn's jewelry case in the Gallery.

Sue Elliot's print.

A silver cast pendant by Amanda Coburn.

A necklace by David Savage.

Ornaments by Al Mather.

Baskets by Corey Slater.

Beaded amber necklace by Roxanne Munksgaard.

Stained glass Goddess by Amber Martin.

Soap dispenser by Diane Porter.

Knitted vest by Mary Eaton.

Print by Obrianna Cornelius.

Hat by Hurshey Somers, scarf by Mary Eaton and bag by Lynn Swiriduk.

Roxanne Munksgaard's jewelry display.

Ship in a Tea cup by Ernie Abdelnour.

Print by Ron Reed from Bangor.

Travel size Cribbage boards by Travis Higgins from Bangor.

3D giraffe by Tricia Griffith.

Silk scarf by Linda Stearns.

Mittens by Diane Porter.

Gallery Owners

Amanda Coburn

Amanda Coburn is the owner of Riverside Jewelry Designs in Kenduskeag, Maine. She is a metalsmith and jewelry designer whose creations have been shipped worldwide.

Roxanne Munksgaard

Roxanne Munksgaard of Maine Peace Works is a metal smith with a passion for copper. She has been collecting beads for many years and enjoys designing unique jewelry. More...

Anne Reigstad

Anne Reigstad of Ymir Glass Design is a jewelry designer based in Bangor, Maine. She makes fused dichroic glass jewelry, and also stained glass panels.

Sarah Regan

Sarah Regan of The Hallowed Anvil is a metalsmith and visual artist based in Bangor, Maine. She works mostly in Sterling Silver and enjoys working in both acrylic and oil paints.


Heather Roselle Barter

Heather Roselle Barter is a local visual artist who ”is most inspired by her natural surroundings - the land, the sea, and the sky." Barter has also created a series of Bangor Public Library paintings. Heather teaches workshops at our studio, including the basics of oil painting. Visit her facebook site.

Ernie Abdelnour

Ernie Abdelnour from Mount Desert Island makes metal sculptures out of new and found everyday objects. He's an expert in transforming what some might label junk, into art. Read about Ernie in Bangor Daily News

Amy Kristiansen

Amy Kristiansen created Glass Paradox, a Brownsville studio for creating distinctive art-glass. She features painted wine and shot glasses, and has been creating stemware since 1993. Glass Paradox

Arnold Miller

Arnold (Sam) Miller is a retired woodworker in Orono, who has a small workshop.  His ribbon boxes are finely crafted and beautiful.

Hurshey Somers

Hurshey Somers of The Mad Hatter, lives and works in Bar Harbor, Maine. She makes unique handfelted wool hats. They are so popular she can hardly make them fast enough.

David Savage

David Savage of Dorkorama Jewelry Designs, makes his up-cycled and Steampunk inspired jewelry with gemstone and glass, wire wrapped, sterling silver, gold-filled and copper.
Visit his blog.

Kelly Leeman

Kelly Leeman from Bucksport, Maine, makes her jewelry with gemstones, glass, beads, silver and gold filled wire. With her intricate, high quality wirewrapped jewelry she is considered one of the best in her field. Learn more here.

Susan Elliot

Susan Elliot from North Monmouth, Maine has been drawing "forever". But it got really serious some years ago when she started drawing what she is passionate about - trees. She now has many fans who collect her work.

Linda Stearns

Linda Stearns from Bangor uses silk as a canvas to make her unique and delicate scarves. She creates her designs with printing, drawing, painting, dying and stamping. More...

Robert Harris

Robert Harris of Ymir Glass Design, started working with glass 14 years ago. It started with stained glass, developed into fused dichroic jewelry, and he has now ventured into Steampunk artwork.
Visit his website.

Tricia Griffith

Tricia Griffith is a New York transplant who has lived in Maine since 2008. Inspired by the natural world, her current works involve acrylic paint and upcycled corrugated cardboard. Three-dimensional trees, flowers, and creatures both real and fantastical emerge from her cardboard strewn Orono studio.  

Al Mather

Al Mather is a woodturner from Princeton, Maine. He creates biscuit/perogi cutters, rolling pins, candlesticks and mushrooms.
Visit his website.

Corey Slater

Corey Slater is a third generation basket maker, residing in Bangor. His Grandmother was known to weave a few baskets, but his Father was the real pro in the family, weaving in the Adirondack mountains of NY. Corey mostly makes baskets for fun, when he has the time. He is a currently a student at the University of Maine at Augusta for Rehabilitation Therapy; he would like to eventually incorporate weaving into his career. Visit his facebook site.

Amber Martin

Amber Martin from Milford makes beautiful three dimensional stained glass creations that are both decorative and functional.

Mary Eaton

Mary Eaton, is a weaver and knitter who lives in Little Deer Isle. Dream Weaver creates scarves with chenille, boucle, and other yarns - all so cozy, beautiful, and so stylish!

Bethany Thompson

Bethany is the owner of Red Sunset Ceramics, wheel thrown pottery. The handcrafted ceramics are vibrant and unusual in color and shape, with a vintage appeal. The artist lives in Argyle, Maine. 

Obrianna Cornelius

Obrianna Cornelius is a visual artist and illustrator. She studied art in Pensacola, Florida, developing a skill and knowledge in realism. Pen and ink is her forte' and favorite medium. She also enjoys working in colored pencil, watercolor, oils, and mixed media. Obrianna states that "the beautiful landscape and natural beauty of Maine inspire and motivate me in my artwork."  Obrianna resides in Bangor, Maine.
Visit her facebook site.

Tammy Wallace

Tammy Wallace, of Maine Hippie Homestead, has dabbled in the "hippie arts" since she was a child -- tie dye, making things from nature, never wearing shoes. As an adult, she found peace in working with herbs, oils, colors and textures. Her creative soaps and body butters are wonderful. Outside of her creative outlets, she is a doula, childbirth educator and a lactation counselor.

Jimmy Barnes

Capt. Jim Barnes and Becky spend too much of their time wandering on beaches and thro woods. These retirees craft art from what they find, including beautiful rocks. Capt. Jim is also a fabulous musician and his CDs are on sale at the gallery.

Diane Porter

Diane has been sewing since she was old enough to pick up a needle and loves creating useful things. Her latest creation are recycled sweater mittens – ahh so cozy! Diane lives in Unity, Maine. 

Kathy Norwood

Kathy Norwood, of a Bee in Her Bonnet, is a knitter and crocheter who creates hats to inspire childhood whimsy for adults and children. Recently retired from 42 years at Jackson Lab, she now has more time to be creative. Kathy lives in Seal Harbor, Maine.
Read the story about Kathy in
Bangor Daily News.

Mary Latno

Mary Latno makes one-of-a-kind handcut greeting cards in her Bradley studio.

Shannon Denbow

Shannon Denbow is a self-taught musician and photographer. She can be seen wandering around Bangor with her camera trying to capture the beautiful nature, city icons and eagles.

Stesha Cano

Her website says “She can tie you to a whipping post and shatter you into a thousand pieces…" Singing jazz standards, rhythm and blues or pop, Stesha is a big presence around Downtown Bangor at several restaurants and lounges. We offer two of Stesha’s CDs in the gallery: “Simple as Everything (2013)" and: “For Greyson – American Traditions (2016)" 

Shannon Wong

Shannon Wong – makes handmade, wheel thrown, functional pottery. Her pieces are inspired by nature using botanical themes with cool colored glazes: greens, blues and purple.
Visit her website

Lance Shope

Lance Shope is a lapidary artist who has been collecting, cutting and polishing stones for over 15 years. Shope has worked with stones from all over the world but also specializes in Maine cut stones.
Visit his website

Lynn Swiriduk

Lynn Swirduk creates hand sewn purses and bags from a variety of materials, including classic upholstery and creamy soft velvets. Swirduk has her studio in Monroe.
Duchess Designs

Rose White

Rose White is a retired music teacher from Lincoln, Maine. In her retirement she has combined her love of music and art to create stunning mosaic musical instruments using glass, beads, chain, and more.

Jim Lagasse

Jim Lagasse, of Pine Tree Art Studio, is a self-taught artist. He enjoys working with watercolors most because they are the most challenging and unpredictable. Lagasse’s birches are most beautiful and we are fortunate to have him teach workshops at the studio!
Learn more about Jim in this interview.

Visit his Etsy site.

Virgina Pelletier

Virginia Pelletier is a weaver/dyer/felter living in Bangor, Maine. She is the owner of VP Handwovens.
Virginia’s home is filled with looms, yarns dyepots, wool fiber and felting tools – and cats. She thinks it’s just heaven.

Suzette Hassell

Suzette is the owner of Newbonez Studios and her specialty is polymer clay beads. None of her beads are painted or stamped; instead a design called a “cane” is made from different colors of clay and then used to make each bead.

Jeff Egolf

Jeff Egolf lives in Bangor, Maine. He makes Tab drums from the old propane tanks we use for grills. The sound is just amazing!
Visit his website jeTABS.

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